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LAWfm brings accredited legal professional development to you via internet radio, freeing you from the confines of classrooms and glitchy videos. Explore our website to find out about our hosts, our guests, and the service. Just $599 grants you a full year of access to our broadcasts! Join today to start listening and learning at your convenience. Call-in and be part of the conversation.
Listen to Sample Broadcasts
Our broadcasts feature hosts as well as guests. Expect interesting presentations, as well as convivial banter on relevant legal topics, making for easy listening, knowledge acquisition, and an engaging approach to professional development.

We have provided you with two sample broadcasts on this page. The first in Family Law and the second in Employment Law. Simply turn up your computer or smartphone volume to learn and enjoy!
  • Sample Broadcast One
  • Sample Broadcast Two
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Our schedule is released in three month increments. Browse January, February and March 2017 below.
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